Ron Añejo Botran Reserva 15

Category: Aged Rums

City of origin: Guatemala

Alcohol by volume: 40° G.L.

Presentation: 750 ml.


Exquisite ensemble of mature rums distilled from concentrated sugar cane juice, slowly fermented and aged for up to 15 years.

Ron Añejo Botran Reserva is aged under the Solera System in the mountains of Guatemala, in American white oak barrels that once held American whiskey; toasted barrels, barrels that once aged old sherry wines, and barrels where Port wines were matured.


In order to enjoy its character, Botran Reserva can be savored accompanied by an ice cube, as the protagonist of the most sophisticated cocktail making, and perfect to pair with delicious dishes.


In order to enjoy its character, serve it alone or with an ice cube. Mixology: as the protagonist of sophisticated cocktail making, Ron Botran Añejo Reserva mixes perfectly well with sparkling wine, vermouth and sweet liquors: red berries juices, ginger, and bitters. Exquisite as accompaniment to main dishes and desserts.



Polished mahogany with glimmers that reflect light.


Complex and expressive, with a strong presence of toasted wood and a slight note of vanilla deep inside. Green apple, dehydrated cranberries, lemon rind, and dried orange. Spicy aromas such as clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, combined with caramel.


Seductive, dry and explosive. A perfect balance of the notes of wood from the barrels with the rising tastes of candied fruit, red cherries, ripe fruit, and spices such as clove. Long tour and lingering aftertaste.