Ron Añejo Botran 18 Solera 1893

Category: Aged Rums

City of origin: Guatemala

Alcohol by volume: 40° G.L.

Presentation: 700 – 750 y 50 ml.


Sophisticated ensemble of different rums aged to up to 18 years, distilled from concentrated sugar cane juice subjected to a slow fermentation.

Ron Añejo Botran Solera 1893 is aged under the Solera System in the mountains of Guatemala in American white oak barrels that once held American whiskey; roasted barrels, barrels that once aged old sherry wines, and barrels where exclusive Port wines were matured.


A sophisticated and mature rum, perfect to savor alone or over an ice cube.

Mixology Ron Botran Añejo Solera 1893 contributes elegant taste and aroma notes to the highest range of cocktail making, combining to perfection with champagne and citrus juices; exotic fruits juices, ginger, and bitters.
Excellent accompaniment to the best cigars.



Deep mahogany with reddish light streaks.


Friendly, elegant, of distinguished expressiveness. Initial notes rich in wood, roasted cocoa, vanilla, and caramelized aromas.


Robust and luscious; dry and explosive. Elegant notes of caramelized fruits, spices like clove, nutmeg, and pepper; roasted cocoa and delicate citrus juices. Long and caressing aftertaste.