The secret of the best Rum of Guatemala

The Guatemalan landscape is widely diverse in terms of vegetation and geographical features. Therefore, you can always distinguish numerous volcanoes on the horizon that are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a huge grouping of these impressive giants among which stand out Tajumulco, Acatenango and Tacaná. It is estimated that throughout the country there are more than 324 eruptive outbreaks and between 32 and 34 volcanic summits. In fact, they are something so typical of the landscape that they are even represented in the country’s coat of arms.

It is that same volcanic soil that is decisive in the lowlands of tropical climate, located approximately 350 meters above sea level, so that it grows great quality sugar canes. That is why in extensive plantations such as the one of Retalhuleu you get an exceptional primeval matter with an extract that appears after the first pressing: “virgin sugar cane”, much superior in flavor to molasses. This is how the journey to the exceptional of Ron Zacapa Centenario begins, a rum that takes all the best elements of its country, from the lowest to the highest, to obtain a whole net worth of it.