Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala Foundation was founded in 1986 under the name of “Foundation for life”, with the intention of promoting the integral development of Guatemalan society.

In 2012 it took its current name Fundacion Licorera.
Being the social arm of ILG we have reached important achievements for the childhood and communities where we operate.

We direct our commitment for a better Guatemala, through an initiative to address social causes, focused on three main lines of action: Preventive Health, School Education and Productive Programs.

Nowadays, these three areas continue to develop successfully.


Preventive Health

School Education

Productive Programs


Licorera Foundation over the years has achieved:

  • Over 30,000 children have benefited from school education programs.
  • Over 500 women weavers certified annually by Intecap.
  • Over 103,000 lunches served per year in the schools of Jocotán, Chiquimula.
  • Over 1,000 families benefiting from preventive health programs, immunization programs, weight and height control and training in good hygiene practices.
  • Over 200 families trained in productive programs.

We have transformed the lives of our children and various communities in the country, by providing education and tools that are indispensable to forge a better future.

The impact of our programs is intended to improve the present, future and the history of the communities to which we influence.

We will continue improving so that many more children reach their dreams and the dreams of an entire country.


Programs aimed on strengthening people’s skills and abilities to change social, environmental and economic conditions in order to mitigate their impact on health.

With these actions we seek to solve health problems in the vulnerable population, having as its main shield of prevention against diseases with continuous processes of training to create a culture of healthy habits, promoting a healthy environment in the communities we support.

Among the actions we develop are:

  • Fumigation
  • Weight and height control
  • Medical sessions of deworming and vaccination
  • Training of good hygiene practices for families, among other topics


This program provides support to children and adolescents facing economic difficulties to continue their studies, meeting social and human promotion criteria, promoting an innovative teaching, committed and personalized, it is developed in the schools located in Mixco, Guatemala and Tululá, Retalhuleu.

As part of the program, teachers receive continuous training in educational techniques and practices, guaranteeing high standards of excellence and educational quality. Improvements have been made as well, in the facilities and classrooms for better teaching methods.

We have the nutritional program that was implemented in April 2013, currently being monitored, in order to reduce school malnutrition in the communities of Jocotán, serving 490 school-age children, who are provided lunch on a daily basis.

Licorera Mixco Foundation:

It began its operation, approved by the Ministry of Education, in 1991 with 366 enrolled students. In 1992, the afternoon session was completed through grade 6 and the educational service was expanded authorizing the Pre-Primary level.

In 2017, to renew and update our educational programs, the mobile computer lab is implemented, which is suitable for giving innovative and dynamic classes so that our students learn by playing. This program benefits both the Licorera Foundation School and Mixco Schools.

Licorera Tululá Foundation:

In 2007, Fundación Industrias Licoreras of Guatemala took over from the School of Tululá by taking charge of all the expenses incurred within the establishment. Licorera Foundation expands facilities by building: a multipurpose room, a computer room and construction of a classroom.

There are currently two days of studying: morning where the primary level is taught, Saturday that includes an accelerated primary plan for adults, basic and diversified by maturity.


Since 2008, there has been strengthened women’s education, courses given by Intecap for different trades such as: bakery, tailoring, manufacturing, packaging of vegetables and fruits, poultry training courses, entrepreneurship courses and management of administrative documents in small companies.

Throughout the years, Licorera Foundation has managed different programs, with the aim that the communities understand that in order to achieve their development goals they must have the necessary tools to form themselves as small entrepreneurs, among the programs that have been implemented are:

  • Vegetables Production
  • Livestock activities
  • Vermiculture
  • Greenhouses and fruit production
  • Hydroponic gardens
  • Among others.


Telephone: 2470-9696 ext. 1802