A family passion.


Guatemala, early 20th Century

The liquor companies, once called “distilleries” see the light around this time, distributed in the whole country, fostered by the vision and enthusiasm of several Guatemalan families.

Established individually, each one of these companies had its own land, distilleries, and bottling facilities, where they produced alcoholic beverages. They were in their own way, the breeding ground which some years later would produce one of the most important industries in Central America.

In the 40s, this budding industry was already playing an important role in the economy of the country. The Government issued the Law of Alcohols and Alcoholic and Fermented Beverages, by which “distillers” were obligated to create their own reserves of aged liquors in order to guarantee the quality of products.

The need for investment became evident very soon. In order to stay ahead, it was necessary to acquire a new technology that would allow innovative processes and the production of high quality rums.

This is how Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala (ILG) saw the light

A family passion

Between 1911 and 1923, the brothers Venancio, Andrés, Felipe, Jesús, and Alejandro Botran, sons of Andrés Botran García and Paula Merino Requejo, leave their home village of Burgos (Spain) to set sail on a dream.

Guatemala was waiting for them on the other side of the ocean.

Fraternity, hard work and passion continued strengthening the family ties. Based on these unbreakable principles, the Botran brothers founded Industria Licorera Quezalteca.

Located in the west of Guatemala, this industry stands out today as a living proof of a family passion that grows as the years go by.

The history of the production of alcoholic beverages in Guatemala is strongly linked to the Botran family – one of the pioneers in the industry – who gives its name to the line of quality aged rums that have given recognition to the country for over five decades.

Since the mid-20th century, the Botran family has poured their passion on perfecting the whole productive process of their rums.

Secrets are passed on from one generation to another, allowing the continuous improvement of the whole production chain: sowing, distillation, fermentation, bottling, packaging and distribution, all of which are zealously monitored in order to guarantee the characteristics that distinguish the Botran rums around the world.