Tulula Sugar Mill

Located in the municipality of San Andrés Villa Seca in the department of Retalhuleu. It deals with the sowing, cultivation, cutting, and milling of sugar cane, yielding virgin honey that is the raw material for the production of our aged rums.

Distillery of Alcohols and Rums (Darsa)

Molasses and virgin honey are distilled at this plant and turned into ethyl alcohol. DARSA has a certification for norm ISO 9001:2000, which allows our products to be recognized worldwide and us to enter into new markets.

Aging Center

Our Aging process is done in white oak barrels at more than 7,500 feet above sea level; the cold weather allows the aging process to go slow. The preparation of the white oak barrels is an art, including the assembly of the wood planks and the internal charring.

Production Centers

The finest aged rums and spirits are produced and bottled at these work centers. These rums and spirits are distributed worldwide and recognized for their excellency and high quality, guaranteed by a strict control during the production process.

Liquor Distributors

This is the company dedicated to plan, develop and execute the strategies for national marketing. DLSA has five regional distribution centers: Capital City, Zacapa, Escuintla, Nahualate and Quetzaltenango.

Villa Los Añejos

The House of the Rums of Guatemala, a unique concept conceived to please your senses. Celebrate with us. Sales Showroom, Bar & Lounge, Business Center, events.

Investments of Guatemala

Policies and procedures for the different organizational areas giving service at corporate level are generated in this company.

Prepared Drinks

This company operates two production plants located in Mixco and Quetzaltenango, meeting the demand of the central area; BEPRESA MIXCO doing the same for the southern and northeastern areas and BEPRESA XELA for the southwest.